Customer Facilities


Our customers’ strong faith in brand Nandan Buildcon is based on our practice of providing our customers with the latest technologies and leading-edge facilities. Some of these are:-

Advanced plumbing:

The usage of energy-saving, durable and non-fidgeting plumbing system for potable water applications in majority of our projects has gained us a huge competitive advantage. These latest plumbing techniques make use of versatile component in piping materials, making it easier to install and repair.

Pressurization & Smoke detection system:

Safety of our customers’ lives is our primary concern. In order to ensure this safety, we use pressurization system which helps in supplying clean air; thus eliminating any toxic gases or hazardous fumes into the escape routes.

We also use smoke detection system, which assures safe surroundings in case of unavoidable fire occurrences. The use of both these technologies keeps smoke and toxic gases out of the escape route, long enough to allow the occupants to escape or seek a safe refuge.

Water Management:

We guarantee adequate water supply by monitoring the use of water and using water saving devices, thus reducing the dependence on surface water during summer.

Water Softening System:

Our projects are equipped with superior automatic water softening systems that provide potable grade & clean drinking water to the occupants during all seasons.

Customer Care Service:

Our Customer Care Service executives look after and guide our customers through the entire process of purchase. They:

  • Guide customers from pre-approval to disbursement of loan.
  • Coordinate with bank for documentation and loan processing.
  • Understand market competition & advice customers in terms of loan requirements.
  • Analyze loan options provided by various banks and recommends the best home loan option for the customer.

Property Management:

At Nandan Buildcon, we don’t just believe in customer satisfaction till you buy a property with us. In fact, that is just the beginning of a bond that we’d like to well-nurture; and we do it through our Property Manager.

A Property Manager is a link between the customers / residents of a property and us and also between the customers / residents and vendors – especially after the handover. He is the one who handles all the problems and issues faced by the customers. He is also the one who looks after the maintenance of amenities which includes basic issues like cleaning, sewage, plumbing, electricity etc. In addition to this, the manager takes care of customers’/residents’ requirements for lease/ resale/ rent etc.


Nandan Prospera Gold
MAHA RERA Regn. No: P52100000563

Nandan Festiva
Nandan Festiva

Nandan Probiz
MAHA RERA Regn. No: P52100001376

Nandan Carnival
MAHA RERA No: P51600012372-Bldg A
MAHA RERA No: P51600012244-Bldg B
MAHA RERA No:P51600005356-Bldg C

Nandan Aspira
MAHA RERA Regn. No: P52100000971

Nandan Amaira
MAHA RERA Regn. No: P52100000883